Vardith Partouche | ורדית פרטוש  | Review |TimeOut
Vardith Partouche | Shenkar | ורדית פרטוש | Graduate Exhibition
Vardith Partouche | ורדית פרטוש | Video Exhibition | Shenkar

At the End of the Day it is A House, Group Exhibition, Salom Matalon, Tel=Aviv, 2018

Graduate exhibition review


Graduate exhibition - Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School

Woman In A Dark Room - Video art  group exhibition 2016

Vardith Partouche | ורדית פרטוש
ורדית פרטוש | Vardith Partouche
Vardith Partouche | ורדית פרטוש | Fanzin Exhibition | Shenkar | שנקר

Hybrid Night  - Group exhibition 2014 [The drawing of the poster made by Vardith Partouche]

Salon 15 - Group exhibition produced and curated by Vardith Patouched  at the Piano House - 2016

Fanzine group exhibition


Between  Journey To Burden -  Photo Log

Group exhibition, curated by Shirley Wegner, At Shenkar College, Ramat Gan.